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Break Through

You are in the right spot!   I will guide you with the tips and tricks to put not only your marketing but  your business back in your own control.   I don’t believe in the need for small businesses especially small brick and mortar shops to have to shell out huge $$$ to large firms when they can take back control and put out their own social media so their business begins working for them. 

Hi, I'm Jenny and small business marketing is my jam.

In one way or another I have all my adult life I have either been dabbling in social media marketing for my own families small business or for other small businesses in our community.  Even sharing my expertise for our small town festival.  In 2010 I helped a small deli in my hometown completely launch their brand via social media.  They are still open and thriving to this day.

The internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.

- Bill Gates

What They Say...

Before Jenny Saylor we were a deli; after Jenny Saylor we are a brand.

Victoria Giagnorio
Gianorio's Downtown Deli

Jenny is a tireless and driven individual who keeps her eye on the ball and accomplishes her mission..

John B.
Former Owner of Local Resturant

Jenny has performed well at any task she has set her mind to.

John K.
Former owner of local resturant.

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Take control back into your own hands. You will not regret it!